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 Urban Terror 4.2.016 Release

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PostSubject: Urban Terror 4.2.016 Release   Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:30 pm

FrozenSand is proud to announce the release of 4.2.016 Monday Dec 9th, 2013. This update brings you not one but two sets of new skins thanks to a request by Driller. Check the changelog for bug fixes and new features


  • Fixed the bug in the Auth System that appeared in the release 4.2.015 where sometimes lag could lead to players using account names of other players
  • Fixed the "badinfo" issue (many thanks to Jacepriester)
  • Animation config updates
  • New Dr. Pink and Dr. Blue player skins
  • Correctly disable inactivity timer when g_inactivity is set to 0
  • Ability to set skins per team using cg_skinfixed 0|1
  • Increased minimum value of com_hunkmegs and made the error message Hunk_Alloc failed on... more understandable
  • Updated Mac11 sounds
  • Fix for specularity on SR8 (very noticeable on bolt cap)
  • Fixed lagometer position on CTF when using Wave Respawns
  • Enhanced cg_speedo CVAR: will display client speed using (1) UPS: Quake units per second, (2) KPH: Kilometers per hour, (3) MPH: Miles per hour
  • Fixed killsound not being played upon HE Grenade kill and bleed out
  • New sniper crosshair: cross-dot (cg_scopeSR8 | cg_scopePSG | cg_scopeG36 4)
  • Fixed skeetshoot map reloaders: fix target_give not resetting state after execution
  • New crosshair: cg_drawCrosshair 14 (simple cross Quake 3 style). Available in UI menu
  • Fixed respawn timer being shown after map restart
  • Added 0 padding in asset download time left and server list refresh time
  • Added sound on weapon mode change
  • Added accelerometer configurable with cg_accelero 0|1|2 and UI menu
  • Added cg_accelSize CVAR to tune dedicated accelerometer size
  • Fixed bots being kicked from the server for teamkilling
  • Added TeamBalancer. Can be controller with g_autobalance CVAR (0 = disabled, 1 = balance every minute, 2 = every 2 minutes, etc). Works only when match mode is deactivated.
  • Added g_noVest CVAR for Jump Mode: is set to 1 removes the Vest from all the players
  • Added client respawn event to game log: ClientSpawn:
  • Fixed impossibility to kick zombie clients off the server
  • Fixed connection to full server resulting in Server is for low pings only
  • dmaHD engine forced to 44Khz 16-bit stereo output
  • Increased command buffer from 64KiB to 128KiB for players with large config files
  • Added separate Windows executable for non-SSE2 processors
  • Fixed substitute flag being resetted upon map change
  • Correctly update client team overlay when /forcesub command is executed
  • Added menu items in sound menu for configuring dmaHD
  • Added more in-built r_mode graphics modes for wide screen monitors
  • Added new wide resolutions in graphics menu
  • Increased chat area width and message area width
  • Hide timelimit from HUD if there are no valuable info to be displayed
  • Fixed inactivity timer kicking local client thus causing all the players to be disconnected
  • Added flag capture time. New log string: "FlagCaptureTime: :
  • Major overhaul of dmaHD sound system

Feel free to leave your comments
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Urban Terror 4.2.016 Release
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